Welcome to Ed Griffith's Fetac Work Placement journal

My job placement is with Eviance
and involved creating a video logo and short video to explain the service they provide.
Thanks to Chad Armstrong, who made the position available.

I will be working offsite, on the videos, and emailing Chad the videos for his approval. We will also have regular meetings, to assess completed work, and discuss future work.
Please note, the panel on the right, where all the sections of the work placement evalutaion and reflection can be found.

  • Deciding how to go...

    After my first meeting with Chad, where he gave me some background on the company, we decide to animate the video logo, but 'first' we need to decide how we will animate it.

    minutes and emails realating to meeting
  • Deciding how to go Pt2...

    Chad sent me some links to different videos, that were in the region of the what he would like his video to be. The next few links are some of the different options I came up with, to persent to Chad

    minutes and emails realating to meeting

  • Option One

    Letters dolly in, with pulse through the line.

  • Option Two

    Same as above, but with a reflection

  • Option Three

    Letters dolly in and out

  • Style Agreed

    Chad perfers this video, but thinks its too slow. I agree, but for technical reasons, which I go into on the 'Challanges' page I need to go to Final Cut Pro, to speed it up.

  • Much Faster

    Running much faster now, its pretty slick,
    BUT .. the logo design has changed, so I need to do it all again minutes and emails realating to our meeting
    He also sent me his new branding guide

  • Full Length

    Working off a power point presentation, Chad gave me, and some customised grahpics I create a full lenght video based on Chads script. It is a first draft, and I expect significant changes.. Just using my own voice as a guide 'voice over'

  • Full Length, with voice over by Chad

    Chad was away, back in Canada for a few weeks. But he was able to view the videos there, and made a few changes to the script and did a 'guide' voice over. The pace is a bit quicker, but there were not too many changes required for the video, once a few repeat shots were dropped.

  • Repositioning

    Chad has been away, for the last couple of weeks, but he was able to send me my 'evaluation' form, so thanks for that Chad. However he did send me this email, as an update
    If you click HERE