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Sure I really wanted to be a Director
But being far to lazy , and not talented enough, it never happened, so I’m gonna add my 2 cent reviews to movies as I see them.

No spoilers.. haha , well mostly no spoilers, just my opinion

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Did I really remember the original when I went to see this. Not sure, I remember ‘replicants’ and “Wake up , time to die” and the rain, it was a few years ago since my last viewing, never mind the release date. Well I think they went straight for the jugular when it comes to having an iconic look, and yeah, I suppose they were trying too hard. Does it look iconic.. I don’t know. Sure it looks good. Some great sets and scenes. You know , I avoided most of the trailers, and didn’t read any reviews (ha, so why read this … DONT !!) go and see it.

    The acting is all fine, but its 15 maybe 20 mins too long, the twist , doesn’t quite twist, the end doesn’t really end, and the climax doesn’t really climax, it would be like having sex with me… ok its much better than that. Ah its coming to me now , it is what it is , a sequel. A sequel 30 years later and its all deep and meaningful. Well it probably was on paper, but seems to be missing the magic spark that makes it more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps the flaws are only visible in hindsight, cos I had a few ‘Wha ?’ moments. Oh and before I forget, hohoho do you remember in the first movie, where super high tech replicants are running around , that look just like humans, but they had no wifi/mobile phones.. Harrison has to go and use a pay phone … ok unrelated, but a little Si fi quirk , perhaps I wasn’t such a big fan of the original (liked it, just not in a cult way). Verdict oh 7ish out of 10 , sure go and see it .

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    You can select the parts of the video you want, and mark it as a 'Favourite' or you can discard it, from the view. Typically you just select the part you want to use in your video.

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    Recording On Location

    A group of us, went out with an audio recording device, similar to this one, and recorded sounds. I recorded my bicycle freewheel, and a creeky door, and a few others

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