Donald Trump is a gobshite. Thats what this page is about

In my opinion, most of the world does not know what the word gobshite means, and for delivering a very interesting class on what could be a dull topic.
Below I look at some of the things we discussed in our class

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  • Gobshite

    Vegas to the Somme

    Jesus America What the Fuck. Is there a target. How many people can you shoot with a machine gun. Does it have to be the first day of ‘The Battle of the Somme” , where 60,000 ‘Members of the British Empire’ were killed or injured in the first 6 hours. (French and German figures not included, and while I’m at it , I must look up the figures for the Eastern front that day) Will there be a day when someone , or a group of people with army grade machine guns, mow down 60 thousand people … and then the NRA might just say … “ah ok … maybe some machine guns need to be taken out of circulation”. -One should always be questioning -We, as humans, have a function, life is to act to discover that function – teleology, -was executed without penning a single word (but he also said , 'writing would destroy people's ablity to remember anything)

  • Lovely girl,

    But I always got the impression off her that she would sell her first born for a Gucci handbag

  • She always tried to be really nice

    But I knew she was as cold as ice and butter wouldn’t melt if you stuck it 6 inches up her arse

  • Bad Buisiness

    What right do companies have to knowingly produce really bad games

  • Compaing old and modern games

    If we compare, games from the 1970s to games now, given the different level of quality, in graphics and technology,how can they be as bad as each other.

  • Games Ratings

    Do games ratings help, people in the selection of games. Do they help pervent the breakdown in the frabic of society

  • Who is to Blame

    Can video games be blamed for the one person in millions who does something really bad ?

  • With Great Power, comes great responsibility

    Is there violence at Traveller weddings often, and is it ethical to portray it as ‘Traveller violence

  • So What?

    How can the study of ethics, help our understanding of games, and help in their development ?
    Please look to the side bar, to see the essays I have prepared for my course work, which deal with these questions.

  • Media in Society


    What is a Media Text; the construction of audiovisual languages and their analysis? &
    Understanding Audiences; Passivity and Activity; Propaganda
    A media text can include a variety of things: film, television, music video, commercials, print, broadcast, online media, or, certainly, video games.


    In audio-visual media such as film and television & video games, this requires us to look at the relationship between the following things: Picture , editing , sound and music

  • Continuity editing and Soviet Montage

    Click on the image to the left to see the chart showing the differences.

  • Sound : Diegetic and Non-Diegetic

    Diegetic sounds are ones, where the source is visable in the shot, and a non-diegetic sounds , has no visible source on the screen, such as a voice over or backing track. Sounds make a massive difference to our intreptation of a scene. A horror movie woudl not be the same without the scary music

  • Why study audiences?

    It is vitally important that, regardless of what form of media you produce you understand the way in which your product makes your audience feel, think, respond and behave.

  • Starting Point

    The Hypodermic Needle: This model suggests that audiences are passive, only capable of absorbing and consuming information, rather than critically examining it or asking questions. This is generally where the study of audiences begins

  • Additional Theories

    Additional theories include the 2 Step Theory, the Reinforcement theory and the Agenda Theory, which all build on the Hypodermic Needle Theory