Interfering at a ‘Ministerial Level”

Do you know of a Government Minister
who hasn’t a clue about his brief, but fiddles about with ridiculously irrelevant things to make it look like they are doing something, and try and pass if off as some kind unavoidable, and necessary change for the good of the Irish Nation, and surly everyone worldwide , then you might know of a Minister interfering at a Ministerial Level

  • Business Development

    Game Ideas

    To start a business, you need a product to sell, and for games companies, you need a game. Our first idea, for presentation was a learn to draw app, that gave people an opportunity to practice , practice, practice
    You can see a PDF of the presentation on the 'right hand panel'

  • WHY

    We ask, Why make it, why buy it, why would anyone want this product, what its features, why is it special

  • Drivers

    What would drive someone to choose this game. Take research feedback, and apply it to your game visually, to help decide if the product is a viable one

  • Drivers Graph

    In order to assess where your product may be in the market, you should assess, how its main feartures compare with the competition, in certain key categories

  • Strategies

    You must understand what the market drivers are, in your category, and have a strategy to pursue, to be the one who benefits from the creation of your product

  • Elevator Speech

    If you need to explain to someone, who you are, what you do, what your product is and what you need, you need an elevator speech. You can see mine, if you look at the panel on the 'right'. It is based on the Moonsweeper Game

  • 10 Slides

    On our pitch development, it was recommended that we use no more than 10 Slides, with big fonts and simple language. You should know your slides well enough so that you do not have to read them, but can talk about them, 20 minutes, but no more
    See side panel

  • Sow Many Seeds

    Some crazy Chinese dictatior .. well it was Mao Tse-tung , said you should sow many seeds, and harvest the ones that bloom, a good idea for start up business

  • Rifle

    If making a press release, you should target who you want to target, and not try and 'shotgun' them all together

  • Mensch

    A mensch is an ethical decent person. If you are a success you should pay back society